I don’t know who this Crystal Lizard person is, but I do know she is obsessed with flexible chicks. I know this because almost every site I have reviewed whose URL starts with CL or is part of the CL network has focused on chicks with the ability to contort themselves in crazy ways. CL Bikini is no exception. As you could probably guess from the second the URL, this site features flexi-honeys in bikinis.
The scenes are simple, softcore and to the point. Each features a different babe wearing a bikini and showing off her flexibility by doing the splits, bending over backwards and bending herself in almost every way imaginable. According to the site, all the chicks are gymnasts, ballet dancers or contortionists, so you can imagine how well they can stretch.

Full size VIDEOS can be taken HERE. Complete series of CL STUDIO FLEXI GIRLS VIDEOS can be found HERE most of them in huge group alt.binaries.nospam.teenfem.nonude