A girl of unknown identity who hit adolescence early. She became semi-famous when a clip of her, smiling widely to show her dental braces and shaking her chest and hips strongly in a such a way as to heavily jiggle her large breasts, became quite popular in underground web sites.
She continued to have more videos produced of her for profit as she grew older. The producers have removed videos of her at a younger age from the internet to make way for newer videos, and now that she has passed the age of 18 her videos usually contain at least toplessness. However, prior to the age of 18 she still produced many videos in which she wore see-through clothing, removed her top and held her hand over her breasts, and changed behind a see-through curtain. Similarly, her breasts moved such velocity and were of such size that they were quite apparent even behind opaque clothing. This was her more popular era, as she has since become thinner and her breasts have become smaller — they no longer jiggle as prominently.

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